December 9th, 2010

Shannon and me

George Michael and Wham!

Every once in a while, Shannon says something that shocks me. Like, a few days ago, we were walking down the street, and I said something (I don't remember what, but I think it was about stars who have come out as gay) about George Michael, and Shannon asked, "Who's George Michael?" Huh? You don't know who George Michael is? Have you been living under a rock for the last 30 years? You know ... George Michael ... stubble, hairspray, really white teeth and tan skin, dancing with a guitar while wearing torn-up jeans, getting arrested for "lewd behavior" in an L.A. men's room? So I sang a couple songs for him:

"Faith," which he didn't recognize (but I don't know that many lyrics, so I can't blame him)

I also sang a bit of "Careless Whisper," which I mentioned that my mom and I had always mocked because the cheatin' guy says his "guilty feet have got no rhythm." Quoth my mom: "It ain't his feet that are guilty!"

But Shannon eventually recognized my third attempt, with "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"

My favorite Wham!/George Michael songs, though, have always been their really early stuff, like Young Guns (Go For It), Wham! Rap, and Bad Boys, back when they were rebellious young British brats and less polished. (And I dare anyone to watch the video for "Bad Boys" and say George Michael does not set off their gaydar.) I remember watching those videos on tv with my mom in the mid-80s -- I think we had a VHS tape of their early videos or something -- and I had *such* a huge crush on GM's band-mate, Andrew Ridgeley, probably because he looked a tiny bit like the next door neighbor I was half in love with.
both cats

Evil Pumpkin!

We had a bit of well-intentioned feline dietary trauma today.

One of the usually-very-helpful salespeople at Pet Food Express recently suggested that we try giving Cobweb a teaspoon of canned pumpkin once a day to help with her long-term constipation problems (which have beens seeming to make her very unhappy all too often lately). We didn't know if Cobweb would eat pumpkin, but she likes all kind of crazy foods (tomato sauce, coffee ice cream, cheddar cheese, potato chips, etc.), so we figured it was worth a try.

So I started the experiment this morning. I put a teaspoon of pumpkin mush on a saucer and gave it to Cobweb. A lot of sniffing followed -- "What the fuck is this orange shit?" says Cobweb -- but then she walked away. No interest whatsoever in tasting the stuff. Okay, we've hit our first hurdle.

When I told Shannon what happened, he commented that we could try mixing it with her wet food to see if she would eat it then, so I tried that when I gave her a can of Fancy Feast for lunch. I mixed it up all good, hoping that the fishy smell and taste would disguise the pumpkin.

Cobweb ate maybe two bites of the wet food, immediately detected the presence of some icky adulteration, and walked away. After giving her half an hour or so with the wet food in private (locked in the bedroom where she's safe from competition for the calories), we always let the other cats come in and clean up the leftovers, so that's what I did today. I didn't see how Lucy reacted, but Munchkin went running for the saucer, all excited because Cobweb had left behind more food than usual. "Yippee!" says Munchkin. "I get all the food to myself!" So she dove in.

At this point, I was lying on the bed, ready to drift off into a nap, but I could vaguely hear the kitty business going on a couple yards away. Snuffling and licking and all the usual lunchtime cat food noises. And then the trauma started. Maybe 5 minutes after she started eating the pumpkinny food, Munchkin started vomiting. And vomiting. And vomiting. From what I could tell, she vomited up pretty much every bit of wet food she ate. Poor baby! If she knew the whole story, she'd be cursing that woman at Pet Food Express!

I do believe I shall be throwing out the rest of the pumpkin. It's caused enough trauma in this household.

Luckily, Munchkin is a cat of very little brain and has no doubt forgotten the entire incident already, so I don't imagine she'll hold it against me.