December 1st, 2010

exercise, bike

News: I have a perfect cervix. This is an expert opinion.

Like the socially responsible gal that I am, I got a flu shot yesterday. Unfortunately, most vaccinations, including flu shots, are made with egg. You know ... egg ... that stuff that makes me sick? I doubt it was a coincidence that I felt rather digestively challenged the rest of the day. But by evening I was fine. And now I won't spread typhoid ... or flu ... or whatever.

Today I was riding my bike all over town to libraries and appointments and grocery stores and who knows what else. My first trip of the day was an appointment up by Ashby BART, and I quite happily rode my bike there, lined it up at the bike rack, and then realized that I wasn't wearing my backpack. The backpack which contained my bike lock and chain. Doh! So I was thinking, "If I go home to get my backpack, I'll be late for my appointment. But I doubt they want me hauling my bike into their office building. And I certainly can't just leave it here with no lock!" Luckily another woman was locking up her bike at the same time, and after some discussion we agreed that we would lock our bikes up together (with her lock and chain), since we planned to be returning around the same time. It was so nice of her! So some random bicyclist named Matilda is my new best friend.

After a day of much biking around town on my own, I've decided that biking with Shannon is much more fun. People on the road -- drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, everybody -- do such incredibly stupid stuff all the time, and it's more amusing and less annoying when you can point it out to the person next to you and snigger at it. At the Rockridge branch library, I was appalled to see that someone had used an entire bike rack -- which could have accommodated at least 5 bikes -- just for his own bike, blocking the entire thing so no one else could use it. I was so aghast that I commented derisively on it to the woman who was pulling up on her bike while I was locking up ... then, when I came out of the library, I saw that she had done the same damn thing to another bike rack! Argh! It didn't actually affect me -- I was able to lock up my bike, though perhaps not as conveniently as I would otherwise have been able to -- but it was the *principle* of the matter. I try to be respectful of everyone else on the road, and I feel a particular kinship and camaraderie with other bicyclists ... but I guess some people think the world revolves around them. Oh, who am I kidding? I've known this my whole life ... but for some reason it never fails to surprise me.

One of my appointments today was to hang out with my old buddy the gynecologist, just chillin' with my legs in stirrups, with a woman I barely know wiggling various objects around inside my nether regions. I am most decidedly *not* a fan of specula, but only once did the doc hurt me badly enough to make me shout, "Youch!" Afterward, I apologized for potentially frightening their other patients in the waiting room with my yelling, and swore that in my next paroxysm of pain I would try to exclaim in a more ladylike tone of voice. When the doc was done, she stood up, told me I could get up, and asked, "Still friends?" with a smile. She cracks me up.

At one point, while she was peering down there with her bright light and metal tools, she told me, "Your cervix is perfect." I told her no one had ever told me that before, and that it was a rather odd compliment, but I'd take it.

Because of all my running (biking) around, I didn't nap at all today. Whoa! I came very close, however, to falling asleep on the gynecologist's table while I waited for her to come in for my exam. And if I can fall asleep with no pants on in a strange location, well, that should tell you how desperately I fight sleep every day.

In other, unrelated news, one of our cats has discovered that the new heated kitty pad is neato-keen. Unfortunately, it is not Cobweb -- our reason for buying the item -- who has discovered this; it's Munchkin. So M sits on it much of the day now, but Cobweb just walks away if we try to put her there. Of course, trying to *put* a cat anywhere is rarely successful. But I'm hoping Cobweb will eventually notice that Munchkin has discovered something nice, and that Cobweb will then drive her sister away and claim it for herself.