November 23rd, 2010

me blue hair

So today I won the lottery, and then Ian Somerhalder whisked me away to Paris for crème brulée

My life is chock full o' bureaucracy and business lately. Getting permits from the city, ordering dumpsters, getting illegal cars towed, discussing difficulties with the building contractor, donating clothes I don't want anymore, discussing (with Shannon) selling the stocks I inherited when my dad died back in 2007, tracking down my cousin (the executor for my dad's unresolved estate -- I haven't heard from him in more than 2 years, and when I emailed him yesterday the mail bounced, so I was a bit peeved) to ask about my dad's property that has not yet (as far as I know) been sold to be divided between my brother and me, and just all manner of boring stuff.

In the quiet moments, I did random things:

  • checked for new "Vampire Diaries" fics (nothing excited me, especially as the only well-written fics were depressing -- dammit! I like my lurky vampires to get happy endings with their reluctant human love-objects!)
  • watched videos on YouTube
  • worked on my slooooooowly evolving website design (I didn't work on it very long, but I'm really quite fond of the minor changes I made -- they've made the design quirkier, and I like quirky)
  • took Shannon out to dinner to apologize to him for a minor slight earlier in the day. Guess where he wanted to go. Just guess. If you guessed Taco Bell, based on a thousand other times he has chosen to go there, you are right! We had a nice walk in the dark and pleasant conversation, which nonetheless included a fair amount of bitching about the TSA (since you kinda have to be living under a rock not to bitch about the TSA these days). After dinner, I gave Cobweb my corncob (I always get corn from Taco Bell/KFC), and she tried to lick it to death and picked it up in her teeth repeatedly and dropped it on the floor with a bang and it was all desperately cute.
  • went a-courtin' some new LJ friends who are "Vampire Diaries" fans, so that I can share my new obsession with people who don't just say, "Huh? I wish she wouldn't write about these shows I don't watch. Tell us more cute cat stories! Describe to us some random tasty meal you had at some ethnic restaurant I've never heard of and will never see! Because your journal entries are usually so fascinating! Entertain me, bitch!" Or something like that.
  • and ... drum roll ... guess what else I did. I slept! Yes! Me! Who'd a thunk it?

And now we've reached the crossword puzzle portion of the evening (since that's something I can do even when I'm too brainless to string thoughts together), so I shall bid you adieu for now. Take care, dear friends, and write in your journals when you get a chance, because I wonder what you're up to! And never forget: when in doubt when doing a crossword puzzle, always check to see if the word "Oreo" fits. The people who write crossword puzzles *love* that word.