November 9th, 2010

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I slept most of the day. What a surprise! But I also did a fair amount of housework.

Cobweb seems to be feeling better, but cleanliness of the nether regions was an issue in the wake of yesterday's health problems. So Shannon and I held her down and cleaned her bottom, and she was none too pleased. She doesn't even like it when other cats *sniff* her bottom, let alone being attacked with a wash cloth! But she's a very fastidious cat, so I think she was happier once she was cleaner, even if she didn't enjoy the actual *process* of cleaning. She's been purring quite a bit this evening and showed extreme interest in my Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream, so those are both good signs.

In the evening, Shannon and I biked up to the Rockridge library and got our Oakland PL cards and checked out some stuff. It's a small library, but I assume they can get stuff from the other branches in the Oakland system for you. I plan to explore their audio book selection.

After the library, S and I went to dinner at the Claremont Diner (at my suggestion, because it's nearby and I used to love going there). Their menu was wonderfully varied and the food we ordered was quite good and generously portioned. I had spinach ravioli in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce, accompanied by a ton of delicious steamed vegetables, and preceded by a very tasty "vegetable barley" soup (I saw no barley -- but there did seem to be a profusion of *rice*). We were both quite happy with our meals, and I've suggested that we put the Claremont Diner on our short list of places to eat out on Friday nights. It's a bit more expensive than the other places we go, but it's also tastier and healthier. Plus, I didn't finish all my food, so it will end up feeding me for more than one meal.

Biking home in the dark, we got rained on quite a lot. I haven't biked in significant rain in years and years, so Shannon warned me about wet brakes and such. Mostly, I was just cursing spectacle-related difficulties, as the rain on my lenses, combined with the fogging up of the plastic due to my physical exertion, made visibility a challenge. Also, my bike helmet has no visor, so water started streaming down into my eyes. I totally can't remember why I chose a helmet with no visor -- probably because I liked the color better. Doh!

When we got home, Shannon read me some Harry Dresden (which we'd started at Claremont Diner), and then I fell unconscious.