October 31st, 2010

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I had a lovely Halloween. The weather was absolutely *gorgeous*, which was a nice change from the recent misting drizzle, and which meant that Shannon and I could venture out on the multi-stop bike ride we'd been tentatively planning.

So we biked down to Point Isabel (not Point Isobel, which is how I always want to spell it for some reason) to the dog park and hung out with lots of cute dogs and their owners, everyone enjoying the sunshine. One little tiny dog was just minding his own business when a rather enthusiastic bigger dog came racing by, eagerly running toward something or another (probably a tennis ball) and apparently blind to any tiny dogs in his path, and the tiny dog ended up getting trampled, all rolling and yelping in the dirt. Poor baby! He jumped right up and shook himself off, though, and continued on his way with a cheerfully wagging tail.

There was also a little girl -- maybe 4 or 5? -- dressed up as Alice, and her parents seemed to be dressed as the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. The parents' costumes were not very elaborate -- mostly just hats -- but little Alice looked amazing. I didn't see if they had a dog. Maybe they just came to show off their costumes? Do dogs like costumes? I'll bet dogs like costumes when people dress up as Lady Gaga, in those dresses made from meat.

After the dog park, we headed up to Target, where we bought some cheap groceries. Cheap cheap cheap! And we had the same cashier as last time, this beautiful Middle Eastern woman in a headscarf, who has both times impressed me with her ability to help me pack groceries without getting in my way or loading the bags so they are imbalanced. She rocks. I told her I remembered her, and we chatted a bit about this and that. I think I have a bit of a crush on her.

Then we rode up to the impressive Halloween house near my school, because Shannon wanted to see it. They'd added even *more* decoration since I was there on Thursday! There were plastic bats hanging everywhere in the entryway (mostly upside down, which pleased me), bones (looked like femurs) hanging to frame the windows, another inflatable black cat (perched on top of some large inflatable pumpkins), a skeleton hanging on the stucco wall, a bigger-than-life-size ... um ... guy (Shannon said he had a corpse face, but I thought he was supposed to be Igor, because he had a huge hunchback), and -- to top it all off -- literally -- there was a huge inflatable creature (gryphon? grotesque?) perched at the summit of the peaked roof. There were more decorations in the yard, but we couldn't see well through their wooden fence. Still, an impressive sight!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, involving meals and housework and analysis of our Netflix queue and joint showers and such. Now it's about time to get together to watch this week's episode of "The Amazing Race." I hope the guy who always yells at his girlfriend gets kicked off!