October 20th, 2010

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Busy day. And yet I still slept more than is optimal.

Class today was interesting, though things occasionally devolved into detailed discussion of how to do things in InDesign, which is not relevant to all of us (e.g., me), since we don't all have access to that software. I always check my email, read my LJ friends list, or just zone out when they go off on these tangents. But we also had some good discussion of people's work. I feel like I learn the most just from looking at various designs and analyzing what works and what doesn't, and how things might be improved.

Today the teacher deferred to me in a discussion of type, insisting that I know more about it than she does. It felt weird, but pleasant.

When I got home from school and Shannon got off work, we headed out to Top Dog, where Shannon treated me to dinner, and we took our hot dogs over to our favorite spot on the UC Berkeley campus, a picnic table hidden off the beaten track, beside Strawberry Creek. We ate and chatted, and when he'd finished his food (I eat slowly) Shannon read to me from our new read-aloud book, which is a Harry Dresden. I was pleased to see that Butcher (the author) is continuing to explore Harry's dilemma about ethics and morality, especially as it concerns "necessary" executions that save lives.

I spent some time this evening working with Shannon on an extensive letter to accompany a friend's upcoming wedding. Once we had gotten all the text written together, I spent some time searching for appropriate images and formatting the pages so that they would look attractive. It was fun.

The Count of Monte Cristo still holds me spellbound, though I keep falling asleep when I try to listen to it when I'm sitting still. If I'm out walking, I'm okay. If I'm doing housework, I'm okay. If I relax on the couch, though ... zzzzzzzzzzz.

Tomorrow I'm seeing the sleep specialist. One might hope that I will not sleep through the appointment.