October 15th, 2010

conjunction junction

Do Danish people eat a lot of danishes?

I slept most of the day with Cobweb on the couch. Zzzzzzz. I wanted to work on my design class homework assignment, and I've got a couple books from the library that I'd like to read, and my current audiobook (The Count of Monte Cristo) has become quite exciting, but I just couldn't stay awake. Frustrating!

I'm very much enjoying The Count of Monte Cristo, but this particular translation is just *filled* with misplaced modifiers, one of my grammatical pet peeves. Every single one makes me wince. But the story rocks. Maybe it's good for me to suffer through bad grammar. It builds character. Or makes one more tolerant. Or something.

One thing I did do today was watch the movie The Prince and Me this morning. I'm a bit of a Julia Stiles fan (I've had a sort of crush on her ever since I saw her dance on a table in 10 Things I Hate About You.) and I'm fond of fairy tale romances with strong female characters, so I'd been wanting to see this movie since I first saw posters for it in BART stations in 1999. I just never got around to it, as I didn't expect it to be a great work of modern cinema. But I did enjoy it quite a bit. Not like I'm going to buy it on DVD or anything, but it made me smile and made me cry. And Julia Stiles is incredible.

One thing about the movie, though: I did find it a bit odd that the prince of Denmark spoke with a significant *British* accent, but maybe there's a shortage of young Danish leading men. Or maybe Danish people just sound British? I mean, really, what does a Danish accent sound like? (Mmmm ... danish. I haven't had a danish in years!)

Oh, I also went to the Dollar Store on Shattuck today, and was appalled to discover that they've already started putting out their Christmas merchandise. At least they had not yet begun to pipe in Christmas carols.

And now I think I will go nurse the headache for which I took Tylenol about an hour ago, but which persists in plaguing me. I wonder if it's a result of sleeping so much? In any case, it's annoying.