October 10th, 2010

animated cats

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I spent most of today working on design homework for my class, which has been lots of fun. I'm a bit distracted, though, by wanting to work on the final assignment (a website) before the current one (a 6-12-page brochure) is finished. But, then, my reasons for taking this class mostly related to web design, rather than print. And the website (I'll be redesigning my own personal site) is something I'll actually *use* when the class is finished, so it's more exciting.

Most of the rest of the day was spent sleeping.

Shannon and I did do some housework today, and I even moved the living room furniture around so that I could clean under the couch. There were quite a few dark chocolate Hershey's kisses under there (Shannon was eating these for a while), several toy mice now mysteriously denuded of all fur, a few 20-sided dice, my old white-out pen (useful when proofreading), ball-points of various colors, a few bookmarks, and incredible amounts of dust, such that it seemed to be gathering itself together to take some tangible form. But no ... I have thwarted that plan with my broom-wielding exertions. Go me!

In fact, I did tons of sweeping today, and this had the same effect it has had for the past 15 years: it draws the cats like a siren call. Cobweb, in particular, followed me all around, whichever room I was in, and walked in the path of my sweeping, walked through the pile of detritus, and just generally made a nuisance of herself. I'm not sure what is so exciting for her, but she clearly finds the process literally attractive.

Tomorrow: lunch at Zachary's Pizza with Katherine and Mimi!