September 23rd, 2010

dreams, insomnia, sleep

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I didn't sleep very well again last night. I had some kind of dream in which I had misplaced Shannon somewhere and was searching and searching for him. It wasn't a particularly anxious or panicked dream ... I was just searching.

Housework in the morning, though not as much as I would like. More tomorrow. School in the afternoon, which was way way cool. I got great feedback on my revisions of my "business package" project and really enjoyed seeing the work other folks had done. When the Stupid Woman gave me suggestions, I put my metaphorical fingers in my metaphorical ears and metaphorically hummed, "I can't hear you. I can't hear you," while nodding and smiling politely.

Next, our class will be focusing on typography. Right up my alley!

I almost left class early, because I was sooooo sleepy! But I stuck it out and then even walked home instead of taking the bus.

I'm scheduled for a sleep study next week (on Tuesday night), so perhaps we will learn more soon. I was pleased to learn that the sleep study would take place only 2 miles from the Richmond BART station, because that would mean I wouldn't have to ask anyone for a ride ... but then I started thinking, "Hmm ... maybe it isn't a great idea to walk in the area of the Richmond BART station at night by myself. Yes, I'm an independent lady, and I like to do things myself, but there's no reason to set myself up for a mugging." So I asked Lisa if she could give me a ride and she quite happily agreed to help. Shannon insists that I shouldn't walk by myself from the sleep study to the Richmond BART station the next morning, either, so perhaps I will take a cab. Shannon and I have biked a bit in that area, and it can be a little scary.

Today for lunch I had tuna (made with mayo, which contains egg) and did not get sick. Then, had a coconut brownie (from Berkeley Bowl) after dinner and *still* did not get sick. I am delirious with the freedom! I mean ... no omelettes or quiches or anything, but allowing a bit of egg just makes a *lot* of different foods suddenly possible.

Must sleep. Zzzzzz.