September 16th, 2010

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I finally got The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest from the library today. I've been on the waiting list for *months*. I actually got it on audio, because the waiting list for the paper book was even longer. I'm very excited to "read" it.

My design class was really good today. I got some very constructive feedback on my business card & etc. The woman with the atrocious design sense was not there today, so the conversation was considerably more useful.

Upon careful consideration of other planned events and possible resulting illness, I've decided to experiment tomorrow with egg whites. I'm going to go to breakfast at La Note and order my favorite omelette w/ratatouille, but just request egg whites only. So we'll see if that makes me sick. I'm excited to gather more information -- yes, I might get sick, but I might also discover a whole range of foods I can safely eat without making myself sick! That would rock. I miss pasta, especially, as it all seems to be made with egg and so has been verboten for the past few weeks.

Also tomorrow an engineer/architect is coming over to see and measure our garage in order to prepare the plans that will (I hope) get us out permits to begin the actual physical work. Could it be that this project will finally get underway? Quelle shock!

My knee is not healing very well after my little trip and fall last Saturday. The gigantic bruise is fading, but the scrape has been looking a bit frightening, with a distinct whitish-green color. And it hurts when I bend my knee (when the skin stretches), so walking up stairs, sitting, riding a bike -- all painful. I'm trusting in Neosporin and Band-Aids to fix the problem.