September 15th, 2010

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I got some very good feedback in class today re: some business card/letterhead designs I'd worked up. There's one woman in the class who *loves* to give advice, and she invariably suggests the most awful possibilities imaginable. Everyone else has interesting thoughts to offer, but I try to just ignore Bad Design Woman.

Because there are so few people in the class, they are talking about charging us more or canceling the class. The teacher told us today that they would charge us $57 more ... which I think is insane, given that the initial fee for the class was $80! The other option is that they might make the class meet fewer hours/week. The teacher is going to talk to the Bureaucrats On High and maybe have more info for us on Thursday.

My book group is meeting tomorrow night, but I haven't finished the book (John Wray's interesting Lowboy) yet. I'm going to spend some time on it tomorrow and see how it goes. I just keep falling asleep! (Plus, I've been rather Photoshop-obsessed lately. And I can spend *hours* playing with fonts.) I'm not sure whether or not I'll go if I haven't finished the book. There's a fair amount of suspense in the story, so I kinda wouldn't like to be spoiled.