September 13th, 2010

Monet: bridge (by striped)

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Gyn appt in Orinda today, where I was given a clean bill of health and assured that I can now return to exercising as much as I like. Unfortunately, my quite spectacularly bruised knee has been hurting, so I will probably still take the bus to school tomorrow. I'm hoping my knee will be better by the weekend, since Shannon has expressed an interest in biking to Target on Sunday.

Since I was already out in No Man's Land (a.k.a. Contra Costa County, which is inland, beyond the hills) to see the doc, Shannon met me in Lafayette to go to Baja Fresh, since our local one went out of business ages ago and we've missed it terribly. I was surprised to find that I recognized one of the managers! He remembered us from the old Berkeley store and (according to our cashier) even correctly predicted what we would order. Ha! We are such creatures of habit.

While in Orinda, I saw a sign that said there is now a free shuttle from the BART station to the California Shakespeare Festival (Cal Shakes)! Cool! I've long been interested in going to see plays there, but the location was very inconvenient for the carless. So Shannon and I are now all amped up to go to some plays. I'm especially happy, because Berkeley Rep doesn't have even one single Shakespeare play on their schedule this season (which is unusual for them). Cal Shakes is starting Much Ado About Nothing in about a week. Unfortunately, we missed their Macbeth, which ended yesterday.

My mom is reading LJ again and mentioned that she had no icon, so I whipped up a few simple options for her tonight, just looking for images that said "Mom" to me (Monet paintings, a van Gogh "Starry Night," etc.). Earlier today, I also worked on some business cards for my class homework. One of them identifies me as an "Enthusiastic Advocate" of "The Serial Comma." Ha. Few people would find this funny, of course, but I'm amusing myself, so I don't mind.

We watched this week's "Mad Men" tonight, and I found it considerably less bleak than the other recent episodes. I'm glad; I was getting to the point where I was thinking about abandoning the show. I'm just not interested in having the optimism and hope drained out of me once a week. I find that I don't actually *like* many of the characters anymore.

I pretty much always write my journal entries at the end of my day, usually around midnight, when I am very sleepy. I wonder if this affects how I write and on what topics. Hmmm.