September 11th, 2010

Monet: water lilies (by striped)

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Lisa rather spontaneously suggested that we go into the city today to go to a dim sum place she really likes (Yank Sing, near the Embarcadero), instead of doing our usual stuff. So we headed off on a bit of an adventure and she treated me to a lovely brunch (which contained very little egg, if my online research re: dim sum is correct). The ha gow (steamed shrimp dumpling), in particular, was amazing. The bbq pork buns were big as my head. The Chinese broccoli had all the leaves (my favorite part) cut off. The sesame balls contained a sort of golden brown paste that is much lighter-colored than the brown paste I'm used to at other restaurants. But everything was delicious. And it was exciting to just decide to go to the city on a whim.

Then we played some Dominion at Lisa's house, which was fun (as always), until I headed home in the very warm sunshine. Shannon and his friends in his roleplaying group were here, still playing their game, so I went upstairs and fell asleep with the cats on the bed.

When Shannon was done, we biked off to get groceries, and saw the first Christmas lights of the season, on a house in south Berkeley. They seem to get earlier and earlier every year.

In the evening, we watched an episode of "Breaking Bad," which we started just a few days ago (from Netflix). Thus far (we've seen two episodes), its tone reminds me of a cross between American Beauty (which I loved) and Pulp Fiction (which I loved), so I'm enjoying it thus far. Shannon has pointed out that it's a bit "heavy," though (despite all the dark humor), so we might want to alternate it with some lighter series. Maybe more "Chuck," or the recent BBC "Robin Hood," or the final season of "Slings and Arrows," or something.

Right now, I am *exhausted*. I was planning to watch some "Vampire Diaries" before falling asleep, but I'm not sure that will be possible. Zzzzz.