September 3rd, 2010

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I've been busy lately. Today I started my new class, which focuses on "design for print and web." The teacher seems to focus more on print, which doesn't interest me as much, but the principles seem to be the same. The class is currently *very* small (only 3 students), so it may be canceled, but the school is giving it a couple weeks to see if any new people sign up.

I almost left the class at the break, because the material was frustratingly basic (like explaining the concept of "white space"), but I'm going to wait it out and see if they move on to topics that are more interesting to me.

I was pleased that I was able to stay awake for the entire class, as I'd really worried about that, since I've been so overwhelmingly sleepy in the afternoons these past few months. Of course, when I got home, I had dinner with Shannon, checked my email, and then fell asleep.

When I first signed up for this class, I had been looking forward to walking or biking to the class, but my post-op instructions after the LEEP said no exercise, so I took the bus. It was kind of sad to take the bus when the weather was so shiny and pleasant, but next week I should be able to bike, and that will be more enjoyable.

This class is apparently going to have a lot of homework, so I guess that will keep me busy. I've already started on this week's project, which is to design a party invitation (using text provided by the teacher).

I seem to have killed my Nano. I was putting dishes into the dishwasher, and the headphones cord caught on the top rack, and the cord got rather violently jerked out of the iPod. This has happened before, and the iPod always stopped to mark my place, then started up just fine when I plugged the headphones back in, but this time my Nano is completely unresponsive. Just a black screen. Oh noes! But I love my shiny green Nano so dearly! So tomorrow (when I am more awake and alert than now) I plan to do some online research to find out if there's any way I can remedy the situation. I'm crossing my fingers. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to hike out to the Apple store in Emeryville again to consult their "Genius" Bar.

I've been obsessively playing Sobe's current sweepstakes game, through which I have won a few free Sobes and a iTunes gift certificate. Free Sobes make me very happy. Mmmm ... Sobes! Fruit punch Sobes!

Today I finished reading Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, which I had been very eagerly awaiting, and I must admit I was a bit disappointed. Some of it was really enjoyable, but I didn't like how the long-running love triangle was resolved so easily. Collapse )

I'm not sure what I'm going to read next. I've got some audiobooks in line, and a bookcase full of paper "To Read" books, but I don't have anything queued up in my mind. The possibilities are (nearly) endless.

Still no digestive issues. Apparently, eggs are evil. My taste buds like them, but my guts do not. This conflict is sad, but still it's good to understand.

This weekend Shannon and I are going to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to see their current exhibit on "Impressionist Paris." The exhibit seems to be more about Paris than Impressionism, but what the hey. I like Paris. I like Impressionists. I like the Palace of the Legion of Honor. How can we go wrong?
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iPod Joy

My seemingly dead iPod appears to have been revived! I went to the Apple website and followed their troubleshooting instructions, and tada! The screen is showing me expected sights again! I am so so happy!

What would I do without my Nano? I wouldn't be able to listen to audiobooks while I did housework, went for walks, rode the bus, or whatever. And that would be sad.

So I am doing my Happy iPod Dance. It involves a lot of hip movement and waving arms.
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Beautiful weather today: sunny and warm, but with a breeze that increased over the course of the day until I actually wore a sweater when Shannon and I went out in the evening.

I fell asleep again in the afternoon today. Forgive the pun, but I'm tired of falling asleep all the time! I'm still waiting to hear from the people (whoever they are) about the sleep study the doc recommended. Maybe I should call the doc on Monday to find out what's up.

We took Cobweb to the vet to be weighed again today, and she weighs 10.5 lbs. That's very slightly less than the last time we took her in, but not enough to get us worried. She seems to be eating, drinking, socializing, sleeping, walking, etc. in a normal manner, so I'm not too worried that she's getting sick again. I *have* noticed that her fur seems quite "spiky" lately, like maybe it has more oil in it than usual or something, so I'm not sure if there's a grooming issue, but hey ... she's 15 years old ... if she doesn't feel like brushing her hair in the morning, I'm not going to criticize. I just can't believe that we still have our wonderful beloved cat in our lives, an entire *year* after we thought she only had hours to live! This has been an incredible gift.

I wish all food in the world had labels that listed the ingredients, because then I would experience less Egg Anxiety. Like I got all het up today about whether I should get a biscuit at KFC, because so many baked goods are made with eggs, then I decided to just take the chance, because I love biscuits so much, and so I ate one, figuring that such a tiny bit of egg probably wouldn't make me sick. Then, when I got home, I looked up the ingredients online, and their biscuits aren't made with eggs! So I angsted for nothing. I now find restaurants and delis more stressful than pre-packaged food, because I can't just read the ingredients list. I will adjust with time, but right now I'm being pretty strict with myself -- just to sort of detox and establish a baseline -- so it's a bit stressful. If I cooked more, I might have a better idea of what ingredients are in different things, but I'm not terribly experienced in that regard. Perhaps I will become more educated as time goes on.

After dinner, I gave Cobweb my discarded corn cob, and she proceeded to entertain Shannon and me mightily. She looooves corn cobs. She licks them and licks them, then bites them and lifts them up into the air, then drops them so they thud on the hardwood floor, then bites them and lifts them again, etc. Neither of our other cats finds corn cobs even remotely interesting, but Cobweb is drawn to them as if they contained catnip. She's usually a relatively dignified cat, so I don't find opportunities to laugh at her very often, but this was definitely one of those occasions.

Because of the LEEP, I am not supposed to engage in any "strenuous exercise" for 3 weeks, so I've been trying to decide what constitutes "strenuous" exercise. I don't want to languish on the couch eating bon bons all day, insisting that I mustn't overexert myself, but I also don't want to overdo it and cause physical problems. In a great many situations, I have this same problem of finding the healthy middle ground between two extremes. It's not something I'm great at, but I believe it can be learned with experience.

At any rate, I'm still bleeding quite a bit as a result of the procedure, so it's probably best to take a conservative approach. Shannon and I had planned to bike through San Francisco to the Palace of the Legion of Honor on Sunday, but it looks like we'll be taking a bus, instead.

I'm still extremely happy that I was able to revive my lovely green Nano today. It is my constant companion and I would have been very sad to lose it. Best gift ever! Many thanks to my beloved husband! Now I can listen to Crime and Punishment while I walk to Lisa's house tomorrow.