August 24th, 2010

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Felt sick much of the day, presumably because I ate eggs yesterday. Went to Walking Group, but bailed after that because I wasn't feeling well. Came home and slept instead.

Hot weather today. Bleh. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow (in the 90s). Double bleh.

Biked with Shannon to Home Depot in Richmond, in search of a new light fixture for our bathroom. Sadly, we failed in that quest. But we did get some other things that will no doubt be useful, so the trip wasn't wasted. And, at any rate, we had a nice bike ride along the Ohlone Greenway, especially as the weather cooled down on our ride home and was quite pleasant. There were an especially large number of clueless pedestrians walking on the bike path, though. (There is a separate, parallel path for pedestrians. But for some reason people prefer the bike path. It provides us with a sort of moving obstacle course. The worst are the people with poor control over their hyper dogs or small children.)

That's three days in a row that I've biked. Shannon pooh-poohs utilitarian bike rides (to Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Home Depot in this case) this short, since he apparently doesn't consider it "biking" unless it's done for fun and over long distances, but I'm proud of my accomplishment. Long periods have passed when I wasn't willing to bike at all, so I think I'm doing great.

On our way home, we decided to go out to an inexpensive dinner to celebrate (mostly to celebrate my achievement) and Shannon chose Oscar's. So we went there and ordered, but they had no chicken for chicken sandwiches (what Shannon always orders), so we decided to go to Bongo Burger, and I was happy because they have good onion rings, but we got there and they had closed 5 minutes before our arrival. Doh! So we ended up at Top Dog (hot dogs and sausages), which was okay, but not really what either of us wanted. Still, a bit of a treat, instead of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (though I love Kraft Mac-n-Cheese).

Came home, and I became rather violently ill. Bleh. At least it didn't happen at Home Depot, or anywhere along the Ohlone Greenway. So I pretty much collapsed. I think Shannon was disappointed, because he was all excited to put our Home Depot purchases to good use. So he bustled around for a while, measuring things, using the electric drill, installing a doorknob, using a wide variety of screwdrivers (all of which are now littering the dining room table), etc. I wanted to help, but felt really horrible, so didn't.

When the Home Depot purchases have been employed, we will (hopefully) have a very large Monet print (of "The Magpie"), which I bought at the Musée d'Orsay some 20 years ago and love passionately and which has been sitting in our dining room unhung for 10 years, hanging on our dining room wall. I'm very excited by this. It feels like a big piece of *me* will be acknowledged.

Then, around 11 p.m., Melody and Jared (the SIL and her wonderful boyfriend) came by to pick up Tai Chi, and we are now back down to 3 cats in the house. I think he will be very happy to get home, and our cats will probably be very happy to have him gone. Things were pretty peaceful around here the last few days, but it still seemed like an uneasy truce.

Also, I got email from our latest (and hopefully final) builder, and he is coming by the house tomorrow morning to pick up the paperwork from the Planning Department. So maybe this garage project will actually happen!
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Busy day. And hot hot hot hot hot hot hot. Summer has finally arrived in the Bay Area!

Our building guy came over this morning and I talked to him for a while about the garage. He's going to talk to an architect he knows to see how much it would cost to do the plan for the city, so I'm waiting to hear from him again. I feel like things are finally moving forward!

After that, I went out to run some errands: hardware store, Berkeley Bowl, Walgreens. On the walk home, I was sweating like nobody's business. I hate hot weather. Boy am I glad I decided not to buy the big plastic storage bins I was admiring at Walgreens! Walking a mile carrying those in the sun and heat would not have been fun!

After lunch, I did a bunch of housework: a few loads of laundry, changing the sheets, pulling long-neglected boxes out of my office closet and putting the contents (mostly pillows, blankets, afghans, quilts, etc.) where they belong, clearing the way in the foyer so it's easier to get our bikes in and out of the house, organizing not-currently-wearable clothes into functional categories, so that I now have a box of "summer clothes," a box of "skinny clothes" (sizes 3-9) a box of "fat clothes" (sizes 14-16), and two boxes of "winter clothes" ('cause they're so bulky). I could really scale down my wardrobe if my weight were a bit more consistent!

One of the things I did today was put our double wedding ring quilt on the bed for the first time ever, I think. This is a traditional quilt my mom made for me (starting when I was an infant), with the intention always to give it to me as a wedding present when I got married. As I edged into my upper 20s, her eyesight wasn't as good anymore and she was beginning to have trouble quilting because her fingers were growing less nimble, so she sped up her work and gave me the quilt when I was 28, under the assumption that if I wasn't married by then I probably would never marry. Ha! Two years later, I was married. But Shannon says that at first I was too anxious to use the quilt, afraid that it might get dirty, or faded, or torn, or worn out, or whatever. And then it went missing for several years. But today I found it in the back of the closet, and I thought, "My mom spent more than 25 years working on this quilt ... and I honor it by leaving it where it is never seen or used?" So I pulled it out of the closet and put it on the bed, and it's beautiful. It makes me happy. The cats seem to like it, too, but then they like to lie down on pretty much any clean cloth.

As I write this, the time is approximately 5:00 p.m. ... and I haven't taken a single nap today. I haven't even felt the slightest urge to do so. Woo hoo!