August 14th, 2010


(no subject)

Brunch w/Lisa at Fatapples. I didn't eat eggs, and didn't get sick. I instead had an excellent cheeseburger in an effort to get more iron. And I drank orange juice with it, since vitamin C apparently helps with the absorption of iron.

Then we played Dominion and I quite shockingly won *both* games! Then we watched an episode of "Babylon 5" -- during which I did *not* fall asleep -- before just sitting and talking for a while.

I came home a bit earlier than usual and slept for an hour before Shannon's sister arrived to drop off her cat (who will be staying with us for about 9 days while she and her boyfriend, Jared, go to Hawaii) and we all trooped off to Cafe Intermezzo for some tasty sandwiches for dinner. Some browsing at Moe's (bookstore) finished off the day, and then I was exhausted! Melody and Jared headed home, since they have to be at the airport early in the morning, Shannon and I read some Harry Dresden, and now I feel ready to collapse. People people people, all day long!

Tomorrow a builder is coming to have a look at the garage (this whole project makes me grind my teeth at this point), and then Shannon and I are going to bike to Target to do some grocery shopping (assuming that I am not sick). We bought so much stuff last week at Safeway (glorying in the sale prices) that we don't need much this week -- most of what I want to buy this week is produce -- but I guess what we *do* get will be cheap.

Now I think I'll go lie down on the couch and do something brainless.