August 8th, 2010

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I woke up feeling really good, so I decided to take myself out to lunch at The Vault, which is a former bank that has been renovated into a restaurant. I don't remember if I commented on this the last time I went there, but while there I remembered that the restaurant makes me rather uncomfortable. It is located in an almost entirely black section of town -- everyone I passed on the street was black -- but there wasn't a single black patron inside the restaurant. There weren't even any black employees, from what I could see. It just seemed ... I don't know ... almost like a tourist joint: "Come to the black part of town! See the natives in their natural habitat!" I sat and ate my food and listened to my latest audiobook, but I felt kinda like we all didn't belong there. Especially since the place apparently was not even supplying work opportunities for the locals!

Anyway, I had eggs, and on the way home (which is a 45-minute or so walk) I became *desperately* ill. Just terrible. So I had a few thoughts about this:

1. Perhaps I am reacting to eggs? Eggs are what I usually get at Saul's, and I am usually sick afterward, and now I was sick again.

2. I usually get sick on Sundays after I've eaten at Saul's, so maybe the eggs I ate at The Vault were irrelevant. Maybe this was just my usual Sunday sickness.

3. I don't eat a lot of eggs outside of my brunch escapades, so I'm not sure if I would get sick from them at other times. Once my body has fully recovered from this particular adventure, I will go to a completely different restaurant (probably Venus or La Note or Rick & Ann's) and eat eggs, to see if it makes me sick.

4. It's actually somewhat reassuring to have a theory about what is causing the problem. Before this, I was getting sick so often that it was hard to perceive a pattern. (I think perhaps the probiotics have made the difference there.) But maybe now I'm on my way to a less digestively traumatic life!

In the evening, Shannon and I did our Sunday housework, and the house is once again visibly cleaner. There was much sweeping, scrubbing, dealing with garbage, dusting, etc. Then we had our State of the Union talk, and agreed that things are going well. I also requested that he put his unwanted coins into a bowl I have set on a bookcase in the upstairs hallway. Having it all in one place -- rather than lying all over the floor, the bench, the dresser, the dryer, etc. -- would make a big difference to me. It feels good to be confident about expressing my preferences and requesting things that would make me happier. As I told Shannon tonight, I feel much more like we are equal these days.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm hoping to get a few hours done on my UCP project. I'll go to Walking Group in the morning, but then I hope to work much of the rest of the day.