August 7th, 2010

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Got together with Lisa today, went to Saul's, got terribly sick, as I have the last few times we went to Saul's. Shannon and I had noted that I was sick on Sundays more often than on other days, and we wondered why -- now I think it's because I almost always went to Saul's on Saturdays. Last week, Lisa and I went for tapas, and I miraculously was not sick on Sunday and was able to go for a bike ride.

I don't plan to go back to Saul's anytime soon.

So now I'm figuring that I might be sick tomorrow again. Bah. Well, I will keep my fingers crossed.

I started listening to Brave New World today, which I think I read in high school, and I am truly *shocked* at how little I remember. I mean, I do remember a lot of things, but some of the core issues just went right past me when I read it in my teens.

Shannon and I biked to do our grocery shopping at Safeway again today, and once again goggled at the sale prices. And the biking was fun.

Now I'm utterly exhausted, probably from being sick much of the afternoon/evening, so I plan to go to sleep very early. Zzzzzz.