July 20th, 2010

exercise, bike

Adventures at Target

Wow, I was soooo sleepy today! I just kept falling asleep, even though I had all these things I wanted to accomplish. Then Cobweb kept sitting on me, which immobilized me even further.

I did some laundry and some dishes, but nothing major.

After work, Shannon asked if I wanted to bike to Target in Emeryville to shop for toothbrushes ('cause they sell the multi-packs, which cost less than buying toothbrushes individually, and Shannon goes through toothbrushes like nobody's business) and sheets and maybe a couple towel bars for the downstairs bathroom. At first, I was hesitant, because I just wanted to sleep more, but I decided that I would manage, and so I said sure.

We biked to Emeryville, which is mostly downhill, and it was fun. Then we got to Target ... and discovered that they have a grocery section now! I'd seen something about this in an ad somewhere, but it didn't really register until we were walking through *our* local Target, and there they were selling bananas! And milk! And cheese! And slabs of hamburger!

So we were very interested in this whole "Target groceries" phenomenon, and spent probably an hour wandering the aisles, pointing at things and saying, "That's half what it costs at Andronico's!" and "Look at all the variety!" etc.

In the end, we did not escape without buying something. Shannon chose some Chips A'Hoy cookies that were much cheaper than at our grocery store, and I chose some strawberry-mango dried fruit twists that sounded nummy.

Then we went and did the rest of our shopping. Target sells cheap sheets, and you can buy flat sheets separate from fitted sheets, which rocks. And we found everything else we were looking for, except the towel bars. None were the necessary width.

Then we biked home (which is mostly uphill), stopping at Oscar's for dinner on the way. We even got home before it was dark outside, though it was dusky enough that we turned on our lights just to be safe.

So I'm feeling very good that I got out, spent some time with Shannon, got some stuff done, and got some exercise. I haven't felt digestively sick today -- I just keep falling asleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better.