July 18th, 2010


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I spent much of this morning on a flurry of housework: sweeping and scrubbing floors, sponging counters and tabletops, dusting, etc. Shannon was hosting his gaming group at our house today, so I wanted things to look nice for his friends. I was quite pleased with the house when I was done, though I wish I'd had time to really address the kitchen floor.

I got sick a few times today, including immediately after finishing my meal at Saul's today with Lisa. I had to practically run to their bathroom ... only to discover that there was a line! Ack! I ended up using the men's room, since it was single-occupant and had a lock (and there were no men waiting). The other women in line expressed some shock and dismay at my audacity, but I told them, "Okay, call me a man for a few minutes."

Then we played some Dominion, and Lisa spanked me thoroughly (though the scores were low, something like 23 to 12), but Dominion is always fun, even when I lose by a gazillion points, so that was fine by me.

Then we watched some anime ("The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"), but I fell asleep while watching it. I'm finding this particular series rather confusing, because I've fallen asleep during almost every episode we've watched ... and Lisa says that the series is rather confusing even when you watch it straight through. It seems pretty interesting (from what I've seen, anyway), but I'm just so sleepy all the time!

Along with our brunching, Dominioning, and animeing, Lisa and I just talked and talked and talked. About relationships, about books, about food, about philosophy, about language, about museums, about travel, about gender, about pretty much everything, Over the last few years, I've really grown very close to her. I'm very grateful for the random assortment of events that led to us becoming friends.

So, anyway, I walked home, listening to To Kill A Mockingbird (which has become painfully tense) and arrived home only to find myself sick *again*. Sigh. (But, also, I found that the gamers had left me a slice of Zachary's pizza, which I can have for lunch tomorrow, so not everything was bad.) But I decided to go grocery shopping with Shannon anyway, because I've largely lost patience with this damned digestive problem. (I'm seeing the GI specialist again on Monday.) Luckily, I did not get sick again while we were out.

Over dinner, we watched this week's "Doctor Who," which rocked. I enjoyed the identity twists. I found it to be some interesting storytelling.

I fell asleep around 9:30 p.m., which is 3 hours or so earlier than I usually fade, but woke up an hour later feeling sick *again*! Argh! I must have eaten something (probably yesterday) that really freaked my body out, and yet I didn't eat anything new or unusual: the same breakfast I have almost every day (high-fiber oatmeal with fresh berries -- in this case, blueberries), a common lunch for me (whole wheat bagel, thin-sliced ham, mayo, cucumber, sprouts), and a common dinner (KFC grilled chicken, biscuit, corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes), with 32 oz. of fruit punch Gatorade, 16 oz. of kiwi lemonade, and 12 oz. of passionfruit-mango Juice Squeeze over the course of the day/night. And I haven't been particularly stressed or anxious. I see absolutely no reason why my body should be in some kind of digestive panic. This is so freakin' frustrating! Some Internet research mentions fructose as a possible cause of diarrhea (though usually in children), so maybe I should try reducing my fructose intake and see if it helps. I doubt if it could hurt.
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I was sick much of today, and so barely left the house.

I finished listening to To Kill A Mockingbird this morning, and I adored it. I found much of it pretty depressing, because the bad people kinda win, and there's an indication that they'll keep winning for a long time to come, but there's also a sense that there *are* some people who will stand up for what is right, and that their efforts are recognized and appreciated, and that perhaps with each generation the numbers of right-minded folks will increase. Anyway, I thought the novel was fabulously written.

Even while feeling sick, I did some housework today: changing the sheets, taking out garbage, scrubbing scrubbing scrubbin at cat vomit stains, cleaning out the upstairs linen closet, and (partially) cleaning out my personal closet in my office. I found many miraculous things. I found a pair of what look like brand new sneakers, way in the back on the floor, but I have no idea why I put them away like that instead of wearing them. I found my moccasins (which I haven't seen in several years), which are more acceptable than shoes when I want to forego flip flops. I found a shopping bag with a rather attractive black shirt inside, tags still attached, which I don't remember buying in the last couple years, so I guess it's just been sitting in the bag in my closet for ages. So -- hey! -- I got a surprise shirt out of it! And a free pair of sneakers! There was other exciting stuff, too, but I won't bore you with all the details. I'm taking two old backpacks' worth of shoes, socks, hats, etc. to CLC tomorrow, where I can abandon the backpacks as well as their contents. I'm on a roll w/getting rid of crap lately! And people at CLC are getting free stuff, so everybody wins.

Tomorrow I have a lot of things I'd like to do (drop off books/audio at the library, order new checks at the bank, buy a new bike pump at Missing Link, xerox and send Cobweb's recent pet insurance paperwork, pick up Cobweb's new medication, etc.), so I'm hoping I'm not so sick!