July 3rd, 2010

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The Feline Force of Utter Destruction

When we first got Lucy, about three years ago, she was an absolute monster, and one of her things she really liked to do was tearing holes in the dining room curtains. She would go back to the same holes over and over again, making them larger and larger each time. No amount of discouraging her (i.e., squirting her with the squirt bottle) seemed to change the behavior. So we just said, "Okay. We need new curtains, but let's wait until she's a bit older and won't just tear holes in the new ones right away." It meant living with embarrassingly shredded curtains for a while, but seemed like the wisest choice.

So ... three years later ... we recently decided that the coast might be clear. Shannon got some new curtains, hung them up, and within half an hour Lucy had her claws stuck in them. Argh! Why, yes, her full name *is* Lucifer.