April 29th, 2010


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I distributed much affection to cats today, pretty much everywhere that I held still for more than a few seconds. It's a good thing I don't mind wearing clothes covered in cat hair. I *adore* our cats. And they kinda like me, too.

Finished listening to Three Cups of Tea today, and I'm glad. By the end of the book, our hero was majestically looking out over fields of graves in Afghanistan and my suspension of disbelief had long since evaporated. Bah.

I took care of some stuff today that's been sitting on the coffee table demanding attention for weeks. This required various phone calls to various companies and organizations and some peripheral cursing of the American health care system -- okay, maybe that part wasn't required. In the end, the insurance company says, "We've paid everything for which we've been billed," and the hospital says, "They paid everything but $468," so I just said, "Fine. Bill them again." Maybe if I get those two parties in conversation with each other again they'll be able to iron things out.

In the evening, I took myself out to dinner at Zachary's Pizza (Shannon games every Thursday evening, so I'm always on my own), intending to get a veggie pizza they had on their menu last time I really looked. Hm. Okay, so that must have been some time ago. Years, maybe? Anyway, this delicious veggie pizza (with green beans, squash, etc.) is no longer on their menu. Alas. So I got spinach and mushroom, and now I have pizza left over for tomorrow. I had intended to also go to Trader Joe's (which is across the street from Zachary's) and perhaps also Ici (which is on the way home), but I was all full of pizza and the sun was going down and so I just wanted to get home. I figured that I can venture up that way tomorrow if I want to.

Got email from the latest building contractor today, and he says that -- based on the estimates from the architect and the engineer -- he has decided not to take on our project. Sometimes I think we'll never be able to rebuild this damn garage! Must discuss the whole thing with Shannon tomorrow (probably not tonight, because I am starting to fade).