April 27th, 2010


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I have run out of books from the library. I still have audiobooks, but no paper books. I have some requested from the library, but they are still checked out, riding around town in someone else's backpack or sitting unloved on their coffee table. Luckily, I have an entire bookshelf of books I haven't yet read. I'm thinking about Jack Vance's Lyonesse, which Shannon recommended to me ages ago. I certainly need something to read tomorrow, as I expect the weather will be bad and I won't want to wander around town listening to audiobooks.

I've been feeling quite sick today. Lots of nausea, plus some diarrhea. I haven't eaten anything unusual, so I'm mystified. But it has been rather unpleasant. I'm hesitant to go to sleep, because I have sometimes woken feeling much more nauseated plus confused by my sleep-addled brain, which is even worse than feeling sick while understanding what's going on. One time I woke up on an airplane to London to discover that I had become motion sick in my sleep, and I threw up in the aisle. Embarrassing!

Anyway, I suppose I should try to sleep.

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Listened to a very enjoyable audiobook today, titled If I Stay, about a female cellist who's in a coma. The characters were very real and multi-dimensional and the plot was rather non-linear (which I often like). I'll have to look up more books by this author (Gayle Forman). I particularly liked that she didn't tie everything up with a tidy bow ... the book's universe was still complicated when the story ended, but the ending was still satisfying. You don't have to resolve every single issue in the world in order to end a book well.

I still haven't finished Three Cups of Tea, but I decided to take a break from it today and listen to something light instead. It's kinda convenient, having two iPods, because I don't have to lose my place in one book in order to listen to a few chapters of another. Of course, my Shuffle won't hold most audiobooks in their entirety (too little space), but short books are fine. (Right now my Shuffle is housing The Fellowship of the Ring.)

Rain today. Blah. I went out for a walk when it let up in the afternoon, but it started up again while I was out. I'll be walking around tomorrow, so I hope the weather treats me kindly.

And I haven't been feeling terrifically well. I started having some serious nausea problems last night, and they have continued (on and off) today. Blah.

I painted my toenails purple, but I am once again disappointed by the color, which does not match the color of the bottle. It's more of a mauve than a purple, containing considerably more pink than I expected. I'm not real big on pink. Not since I was about 17, anyway. I'm more of a blue/green/purple gal.

Shannon and I watched more "Prisoner" tonight. I think we don't have many more episodes left. It's been very interesting watching this show, because I can definitely see its influence on more recent shows I've watched (such as "Lost"). My two big problems with the series are:

1) There is little continuing plot. Though we do see the main character change gradually over the course of the series, the episodes don't have anything to do with each other.

2) There are no continuing relationships. It is extremely rare that any character besides Number 6 appears in more than one episode. He has a sort of relationship with the *role* of Number 2 (and with the Village management in general), but a different person plays Number 2 in each episode, so there isn't really any lingering effect after No. 6's interaction with them.

Still, it's quite a remarkable, innovative show. Even just visually, it's really striking. It reminds me of when I read Raymond Chandler for the first time, and I was reading along and I kept thinking, "Man, this hard-boiled detective stuff is all so cliche!" ... but realized that this was where all the cliches actually *came* from. I feel like "The Prisoner" had quite an impact on its genre, too. Okay, not so much of an impact as Raymond Chandler, but still.

Man. I feel like I'm gonna barf. Bleh.