April 26th, 2010

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Finished a really terrible YA novel today which took the Snow White fairy tale and just made an absolute mess of it in the final 10 pages or so. Blah.

Then read another book today, a YA novel about a boy who was kidnapped at 13 and returned to his family almost 3 years later, and the adjustments he has to make after his return. Interesting, and the last few pages made me cry.

I tried to eat well today. I've been eating too much junk lately and not enough healthy stuff, so today I had some salad and some fresh fruit in addition to my usual diet, and I didn't go to Ici for ice cream. Maybe tomorrow. I don't want to actually go on a diet and start denying myself things, but I think moderation would be a good goal.

Shannon and I also played a game today, a 2-player card game he wanted to review. It's' called Builders Duel, and it was fun. I think I would enjoy it more in future games, because I felt rather severely hampered by a lack of knowledge about the distribution of the cards. But I still liked it.

It was a lazy day. Tomorrow I hope to meet with our building contractor, an architect, and an engineer to discuss the particulars of our garage renovation. The building contractor is organizing this, and as of this evening he still had not set a time. So I don't know how my day will go tomorrow -- it'll be a day of surprises!