January 30th, 2010

beyond your front door

Kauai 2010

Went to Lawai Beach today, which is where Shannon and I did our most exciting snorkeling on our first visit to Kauai. Very nostalgic. Shannon and his dad swam for a while, while I listened to Midnight's Children (I'm 3 discs in and the narrator has still yet to be born) and people-watched. There were some very strange people, so it was pretty interesting. Then Gary (Shannon's dad) decided he was too cold (I was absolutely baking on shore!) and so he got out. Shannon swam for a while longer, then joined us.

The weather was beautiful today. I don't think it rained at all, and the temps were around 80 degrees, with mostly blue skies, though the rain picked up later in the day.

After dinner, the 3 of us sat around the dining room table and talked about "The Twilight Zone" and other great old tv shows. When we all talk together, the primary topic seems to be politics, despite the fact that we don't exactly agree. Shannon's dad is a rather conservative Christian Republican. But he rocks.

Then we had brownies again after dinner. The question on everyone's minds is: Will I still fit into my jeans by the time we leave?

Now Shannon is waiting for me upstairs so we can read some Harry Dresden, so I'd better go.