January 29th, 2010

beyond your front door

An evening in Kauai

Had chicken tacos for dinner, with very tasty fresh guacamole (made by my FIL). Then we watched the most recent "Star Trek" movie (which we had given to Shannon's dad for Christmas). We gave it to the FIL because he apparently used to be a "Star Trek" fan for quite some time (years? decades?), but then felt that at some point the series had been offensive to God, so he stopped following the series. We thought this might be a nice time to get back involved with the series, because we both *loved* the movie. He seemed rather disturbed by the alternate universes concept. "But you can't just go back and change *everything*!" But it seemed to get his "Star Trek" juices flowing, because he hunted up his VHS tape of the film "Generations" and suggested that we watch it while we're here. I didn't like that movie much--I thought the meeting of old and new "Star Trek" was clumsily done--but I'm a big Patrick Stewart fan, so I'm totally willing to watch it again. Also, Brent Spiner. How can you not like Brent Spiner?

Then Shannon and I read a chapter of our latest Harry Dresden book. The title is something about "masks." And there are knights armed with swords that have extraordinary power granted by God. We've seen one of these knights in a previous book, and I quite like him. I find that a certain amount of religion mixes well with fantasy writing; knights favored by God have a certain Arthurian kind of feel to them. Also, in this case, they seem to be protecting our hero from certain tortuous death, so what's not to like?

It's been raining and raining and raining this evening! I hope it will clear up tomorrow, though I'm sure Shannon wouldn't object to swimming in the ocean while it was raining. But then his dad probably wouldn't join him, and they wouldn't get all their oceanic bonding time.

Apparently Shannon saw a Picasso triggerfish while he was swimming today. That's the Hawaiian state fish, though the Hawaiian name for it is incredibly long and filled with a great many vowels. The triggerfish are kind of funny looking, because they're kind of shaped like a diamond, with their mouth puckered up and pursed at one of the corners. I've seen lots of them in the past, but we rarely sighted a Picasso one.

Anyway, it's about time for me to go to bed. I'm not sure what the plan is tomorrow. Sunday I assume we will spend the afternoon/evening with the FIL at his church. He said that Melody and Jared (his daughter and her boyfriend) just hung out in Koloa (nearby town) while FIL taught Sunday school, then came back for the actual church service. That's probably what I will suggest. There's only so much religion I can take all at once.