January 24th, 2010

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Proofread today. Got a lot done. Nothing terribly exciting, though. Tomorrow I get to do backmatter: notes and bibliography. Yawn!

Shannon hasn't been feeling entirely well the past couple days. Sniffly, achey, tired. He spent much of today in the bed with three cats.

This evening we walked up to Trader Joe's to get more wet food for Cobweb ... and they were completely out! No wet food of any flavor! Shannon was peeved that we'd walked so far for nothing, but we bought some snacks to take on the plane (granola bars, dried fruit, gummy candies, etc.), so it wasn't so bad.

Then we came home and watched an episode of "Mad Men" while we ate dinner. JFK got assassinated. Everything was falling apart in everyone's lives. I wondered if some of the characters might be thinking about suicide. Shannon marveled when it was over, "And you say this show is depressing!"

Well, I suppose it is balanced by the very cheerful "Dr. Who" special we watched over lunch, all about how wonderful David Tennant is. I'd never realized that he's Scottish, but during the interviews his accent sometimes changed quite obviously. Funny that he doesn't show a trace of that accent (not that I can perceive, anyway) when he's playing the Doctor.

Today I was getting my iPods ready for the trip, and I discovered that none of my audiobooks were short enough to fit on my Shuffle. Wow. I can't exactly remember, but I think I loaded 4 audiobooks onto my Nano. I'm glad I got it for Christmas!

Our house is being stormed by ants ... because, I assume, it's been storming. Our kitchen has been the primary attack area. Our kitchen seems to always smell of oranges, because of the orange oil ant killer. I hope they don't completely take over while we're on our trip. We'll get home and they'll have carried the house away, cats and all.