January 21st, 2010

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I am experiencing some difficulties with my shiny green iPod. It ran great for several hours, then just suddenly died. Battery kaput. Following the routine I'd established with my Shuffle, I connected it to my computer and ... nothing. iTunes doesn't seem to acknowledge the existence of the iPod. So it won't charge the battery, it won't allow me to put tracks onto the iPod, etc. Shannon has been looking at it, but with little success. I may have to just cart myself down to Emeryville to take it to the Apple Store's Genius Bar. It's poor timing, because I'm proofreading every day and soon leaving on a trip for which I would like to have an iPod full of audiobooks.

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Man, it has been raining and raining and raining! I had therapy this morning, and I had a dry walk on my way there (didn't open my umbrella once), and a dry walk home, but while I was actually in the office it was absolutely pouring outside. Then walked downtown, and once again was mostly dry. Unfortunately, it was too rainy for Shannon to feel like going to Endgame. So we hung out here. Did a bit of housework, played a two-person tile-laying game called Claustrophobia, complete with fully painted miniatures. I was playing the troglodytes, who were not very attractive, moved very slowly, and died very easily. But I had *lots* of them. In the end, I won.

We also watched an episode of "The Real World," which really shouldn't interest me. It's about college kids -- and I generally don't like most college kids -- who drink a lot -- and I don't generally appreciate drunkenness -- who sleep around indiscriminately, even when it means violating existing relationship commitments they have with others, who throw fits and tantrems and call each other names and act superior, as if they know everything. I don't know quite why I still watch this show, except that some of the kids really charm me: the gentle, compassionate, self-confident, sane, humorous kids. Those ones, I like.

Ilah is coming over in the morning to get a key, meet the cats, get the lay of the land, learn the infamous "food whistle" (4 specific notes that Shannon whistles every time he gives food or treats to the cats). I, personally, am unable to produce the food whistle. I am whistling impaired. Shannon has tried to teach me, but it's pretty much a no go.

- Ilah at 11 a.m. -- give her the tour and everything
- lunch at noon (turkey, swiss, mayo, sliced cucumber, spinach, oat bran bread)
- proofreading on and off throughout the afternoon
- decide whether to go to my Dreamweaver class (I've missed the last two classes and have been feeling stressed enough that I might prefer a relaxed night at home)

I'm trying to do things that lower my stress level. Walking, listening to audio books, watching tv, doing crossword puzzles. Maybe I should see about going to the gym again. Maybe when the vacation is over.