January 19th, 2010

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Did some good proofreading today, all about parasites who affect the host's behavior. Mostly not about humans. Mostly rats, mice, and crabs. Collapse )

It absolutely poured rain much of today. It was sunny for a brief while in the afternoon, so Shannon and I went for a walk to the library. We missed the rain entirely. We were also getting some pretty impressive thunder and slightly less impressive lightning much of the day. Poor Lucy was terribly scared of the thunder. We haven't experienced much of it in her lifetime.

I started listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on audiobook today, and I think I may be too much of a Jane Austen purist to appreciate it fully. Some favorite lines of dialogue have been altered, much to my dismay. I'm okay with stuff straight from P&P, and I'm okay with stuff that's new, but when they summarize events/opinions/impressions in a different order than the original (like saying that Darcy is really just misunderstood and isn't really a bad guy ... right at the beginning of the book!), or when they mess with the dialogue, I don't much like it. Also, all ll I know about zombies is that they dance with Michael Jackson, they eat brains, Anita Blake can control them with chicken blood, and they bring about an apocalypse, so I may not be appreciating all the zombie stuff. Well, I'm not giving up on it yet.

Oh, also, at a ball, Elizabeth Bennett beheaded several zombies with a dagger she'd taken from its sheath at her ankle. I couldn't really imagine beheading anyone with a knife small enough to not impede dancing. Maybe zombies are easy to behead? Or am I doing my not-suspending-disbelief thing again? Shannon hates when I point out problems like these. He says I should just relax and go with the story, rather than always looking for problems. But I think it's the proofreader in me. I'm trained to notice problems.

Tomorrow morning is therapy. I hope it isn't pouring rain!