January 16th, 2010

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Did some more proofreading today. The danger this time was beavers. Apparently, one should not drink from a creek downstream from their dams. Good to know. I mean, I don't generally hang out with beavers, and I'm smart enough not to drink out of some random stream in the woods, but I don't mind the advice.

Got together with Lisa for brunch and Dominion. She has been utterly spanking me at Dominion lately. Today I lost 17 points to 50+. As I was leaving to walk home, I told her she's going to have to start letting me win once in a while or I won't want to play with her anymore. She replied, "I'm not too worried. You seem to be a glutton for punishment." Ha! I told her that's because I'm used to playing games with Shannon, and that's what I get for hanging out with smart people. If only I liked dumb people more! Then I could win games all the time!

At brunch I ordered a root beer without looking at the menu to see the prices and was shocked when the bill came. $2.95 for a soda? No wonder I usually just drink water! But I had plenty of money (since we didn't do brunch last week), so it was no big deal. And I did enjoy the root beer ... I'm just not too sure I enjoyed it $2.95 worth. I could buy a whole half-gallon of orange juice for that much money!

Shannon hosted his weekly role-playing gaming at our house today, so I spent the morning bustling around, sweeping up dust bunnies, doing dishes, taking out garbage, etc. The house looks very marginally better than it did when I rolled out of bed around 9:30. It never looks clean enough to me.

Donald and Mary were here for gaming -- these are the two friends who eloped a couple weeks ago -- and Mary was telling me all about this incredible necklace that Donald had had made for her. It's her ... um ... SCA device? I think they said "device." Like a coat of arms. Anyway, apparently he snuck around for weeks, gathering all the info he would need to make this necklace perfect (exactly how many rays around the sun? that sort of thing), then totally surprised her on their wedding day. Mary had no idea he was doing any of this. I've known Donald forever, so I teased them that sneakiness isn't necessarily a trait to look for in a spouse. But I was just joking, because I certainly would not generally describe Donald as "sneaky."

Tomorrow I am going to proofread some more. Shannon was talking about going for one of his adventurous bike rides (there are some bridges that you can bike that aren't far away), but the forecast predicted rain. If it isn't raining, I plan to proof, go for a nice walk, proof some more, watch some tv, etc. Nothing terribly exciting. Basically, proofreading as much as possible. I wish my concentration was better. I'm really enjoying the book, but I'm worried that I'm missing errors because my concentration is so tenuous. Well, I can only do my best.