December 27th, 2009

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Went to visit Caruso today and discovered that he had turned his little pink nose up at the new food we bought last night. Poor hungry cat followed me around, meowing. Please! Give me some food! No, not that crap -- my regular food!

So I called Ilah and told her we couldn't find the food she usually gets and asked where to find it. Trader Joe's! I was all prepared to walk or bike to Trader Joe's to get the food, then back to Ilah's house to feed Caruso, but Shannon offered to do it. At first I was going to go with him, but then I realized that we will be biking a really long ride tomorrow (25 miles? more?), as long as I'm not feeling sick, and so I didn't want to wear myself out today, so I let Shannon take care of it. He got the food and took it to Caruso and saw him eat some of it. Hurray for acceptable cat food!

Then in the evening we bought groceries, and lots of things were on sale. Shannon is trying to get more fruits and vegetables in his diet and fewer empty calories (chips, cakes, etc.). Usually I'm the one paying attention to such things, but this time around I'm being inspired by him. I think if we can encourage each other we might be able to make a real positive change. We bought bananas (which are a staple for me), pears (for Shannon), green beans, applesauce, and probably some other healthy stuff. Then we got my favorite bagger, which was cool, but I'm trying to be more laid-back about the bagging. I can be a bit of a control freak, but it just makes me unhappy. I don't like worrying about the grocery bagging, so I decided to stop.

We watched an episode of "Smallville" while eating dinner (I had a Mediterranean salad with an excellent dolma) and it was just terrible. We're watching the seventh season (from Netflix), and most of the things I used to like about the show are gone. I'm especially sad that Lex Luthor has gone from shades of gray (as he was in the first few seasons) to pure black, making him decidedly less interesting. Ah well. I still enjoy watching the show. It is brainless, but it is fun when Shannon explains the comic book references to me. Like Jimmy Olsen's bow-tie. I like having inside information.

I haven't set up my new iPod yet. I researched it a bit more and found out the absolutely best thing about it: it has double the battery life of my Shuffle. This normally doesn't affect me much, but when I go on long trips (to Nebraska, Florida, Hawaii) it makes a big difference.

Shannon and I are going to head out to Contra Costa County tomorrow (as I mentioned earlier) as long as I'm feeling healthy and there's no rain. Shannon wants to complete the Lafayette/Moraga trail, which up to now I have always stopped about half-way. It is mostly uphill and wears me out. But Shannon said we can stop several times if necessary (and there are 3 public restrooms along the route), so I'm game to give it a try.

I've been dreaming about cats a lot lately. In one dream, Munchkin was rolling around in a pan of lasagna (wtf?) and in another all the cats kept sneaking past me and running out the front door, which caused me extreme anxiety. I figure I have cats on the brain because of the catsitting ... though I haven't dreamt about Caruso.

So now I am enjoying my usual post-groceries feelings of contentment. There's so much food in the house! So many dining options! There are all kinds of things I want to eat! It's always very exciting.