December 25th, 2009


Oh the weather outside is frightful ... except not

I decided to delete Cat's Eye from my iTunes because I was almost finished with it and had the end loaded on to my iPod. Then, of course, I regretted it. So now I'm trying to figure out how to take audio files out of my trash and get them back into the right place for iTunes to see them. No, this didn't work the first time I tried it. Why yes, I am terribly computer savvy.

A busy Christmas for us ... more so than usual, at least. We tend to take a pretty laid-back attitude toward the holidays. This morning we unpacked our stockings (which Shannon had filled) and opened presents. My stocking largely contained dried fruit, which I am more likely to eat than candy. There was also a fruit punch Sobe, which is my favorite.

WTF gift of the year: matching heart-shaped stone paperweights from my mom. Huh? But pretty much every year there's a present from my mom that makes me say wtf.

But Shannon got me a gorgeous green iPod Nano. Of course, I can't load Cat's Eye onto it yet, so I suppose tomorrow I'll still be using my Shuffle. Also, I need to buy a clip for the Nano so I can carry it more easily. But it's so so pretty! I just keep looking at it.

Then we biked over to Ilah's house to visit with Caruso. While there, we ate Subway sandwiches for lunch and read a little Harry Dresden. The ants were once again assailing the house with great vigor, so Shannon sprayed them with orange extract. Caruso did not like the smell.

After that, we biked home, where his mom, step-father, two brothers, and sister-in-law shoed up about half an hour later. We had opted not to go to their huge extended family shindig, so they were stopping by on their way there to exchange gifts and chat. They even gave us presents for the cats! (My mom forgot the cats this year. I think that's the first time since I got Cobweb and Munchkin 14 years ago.) It was very nice to see them, and they gave us lots of chocolate. Also Barnes & Noble gift cards and See's candy. Yay!

We relaxed for an hour or so after they left, then headed out to the movies for our traditional Christmas film-going experience. There wasn't really anything we particularly wanted to see, but I knew that we couldn't possibly see anything worse than Kate and Leopold, which was our Christmas movie several years ago. Yech! So we went to see Invictus, which was uplifting, if rather simplistic. I'm a big Nelson Mandela fan, so I figured I would like it. Also, Matt Damon, who I like. So ... passably good movie. Lots of beefy men wearing knee-socks in the mud and pulling on each other's shirts instead of throwing punches.

After the movie, we walked over to the nearby Vietnamese restaurant, because I was certain we'd gone there for Christmas last year, but no go. Closed. So we walked down to the Chinese place near our house ... and I told Shannon that Chinese is the tradition, anyway, not Vietnamese. Dinner was good and will provide me with a couple of additional meals of leftovers.

Tonight I plan to wrestle with my audio files on my computer, then maybe wrestle with my new Nano, then maybe do the USAToday crossword puzzle, maybe watch some tv, and eventually -- probably around 11:15 p.m., when I settle down to watch Criminal Minds -- drink my Christmas Sobe.

Mmmm ... Sobe.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, or happy Friday if you don't. I hope you got Sobe in your stocking and maybe a box of See's candy. Or whatever your equivalent is.