December 23rd, 2009


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Wore flip-flops today. The past couple days have been relatively warm, though Shannon doesn't think so.

Washed my hair while listening to Cat's Eye. Walked to Ilah's while listening to Cat's Eye. No sign of Caruso. Walked home while listening to Cat's Eye.

Oh, also picked up some audiobooks from the library: The English Patient, Midnight's Children, and something by John Irving that I can't remember. I can't listen to them all at once, of course, so I will just download them onto my computer, then put them on my iPod when I want to listen to them.

Shannon's mom called today to ask if we wanted to come to a big extended family 'do on Christmas. Shannon didn't care, but I didn't really want to face a crowd. So his mom's family (mom, step-dad, two brothers, sister-in-law) will most likely stop by here on their way to the party, and we can exchange gifts then.

My mom also called today. She just wanted to let me know that she was making fudge and cookies today and would send them tomorrow, so I shouldn't be despondent when they didn't arrive by Christmas. She and my brother are taking a mini-vacation to St. Augustine (hm ... I read St. Augustine in college, but I remember almost nothing about him) for the holiday. Living in Tallahassee, my mom misses the ocean.

Tonight Shannon is at Endgame, so I'm on my own. After he finished work for the day, before he left, he read to me from our current Harry Dresden novel. Now I'm doing laundry. Exciting!