December 22nd, 2009

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Had a lovely evening with Lisa to celebrate her birthday. This year everyone else bailed and it was just the two of us. We went to a small Italian restaurant (Trattoria La Siciliana) on College Ave in the Elmwood, and I found it thrilling. This is one of those restaurants in which the chefs really pay attention to the presentation of the food, and every plate that came past me out of the kitchen was stunningly beautiful. I wanted to order everything, just so I could see it up close and admire its details. The lobster that went past was the most impressive. It towered high over a plate of pasta and other seafoods, claw and tail both waving and shining in the restaurant's yellow lights.

We didn't get lobster, though. We did get an order of crab to share, but I wasn't very impressed. The ratio of effort expended to gustatory enjoyment resulting was higher than is optimal for me to really enjoy eating something, I'm no otter: I prefer not to have to struggle with my food.

So we ate and talked and the waitress very kindly kept my water glass constantly full (always a way to win my affections). We couldn't finish our meals, though. Too much food! So I brought home some leftovers to eat tomorrow.

Then we walked home, mostly via the quiet side streets, though we also stopped by Ici on College Avenue to help ourselves to some fancy ice-cream. I'd never been there before, because it always looked too chi-chi. But I got a cone with a scoop of cinnamon-coffee (while praying that it wouldn't prevent me from sleeping tonight) and Lisa got a cup with cinnamon-coffee and another one with cherries and creme fraiche,. Like I said, pretty snazzy ice-cream.

The weather was being very kind to us, and we never had to pull out our umbrellas, not on the way there and not on the way back. Lisa did have a slight accident in which her ice-cream cup spontaneously leapt bodily out of her hands and tried to make a speedy getaway. Unfortunately, the result was that it landed ice-cream side down and sorta slimed Lisa's new winter coat along the way. But a bit of water, a paper towel, and a judicious scooping off of the unacceptable portions of ice-cream, and all was well.

When we got back to my house, Lisa and Shannon and I played a game of Dominion together. It was fun. I don't think I'd played it with 3 players before. We also talked and talked, and it was great hanging out with two of my favorite people.

Tomorrow: Trader Joe's (for cat food and orange juice), then to Ilah's on a mission to locate the wily Caruso.

And now I have a rather unpleasant headache, so I'm going to go relax and try to let the Aleve do its job.

Wow! Sunny weather today! I didn't even wear a sweater!

Busy day again today. Puttered around until lunch, ate, fed Cobweb, then walked over to Ilah's house. Unfortunately, I loaded the wrong chapters of Cat's Eye onto my iPod, so I had magically skipped forward quite a bit. Oops. I plan to go back and listen to those other two chapters tomorrow.

This time, Caruso was there when I got to Ilah's house. He seemed very pleased to see me. I put some more food in his bowl, gave him fresh water, petted him a bunch, and then he decided he'd had enough of me and he left. I hung around for another couple minutes to see if he would come back, but he didn't, so I headed out. I guess on Sunday he hung around longer because Shannon was there. Cats love Shannon. Maybe he also liked that we were reading aloud.

I got home, sat down to rest for a bit, then headed out to Trader Joe's, where I bought cat food, orange juice, and chicken quesadillas. I wanted some of their pumpkin bread, but they didn't have it. Maybe that was only in the autumn? When the cashier was ringing up my purchases, I noticed that one of the cat food cans was dented. I said I didn't want it -- could she please take it off the total. This appeared to be more difficult than it sounds. But I'd rather not give my cats botulism.

On the walk home, my backpack was hella heavy. I felt like a dwarf hauling ore out of the mines.

So ... I don't know ... maybe 8 or 9 miles of walking today? I could have biked it, but I wanted to listen to my audiobook.

Speaking of audiobooks, I got an email from the library telling me that there is an audiobook on hold for me. Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushdie. Huh? I mean, I've been wanting to read that book for years, but I'm not sure the language will work well on audio. Too intricate/lush/metaphorical/etc. I had kind of decided that I wanted to listen to very straightforward stuff on audio -- like John Irving and Margaret Atwood -- so what possessed me to request Rushdie? I have no memory of it. Well ... since they're holding it for me, I think I will give it a try. What little I've read of Rushdie has amazed and dazzled me, so I would love to be able to experience it.

We watched the second episode of "Fringe" over dinner tonight, and I liked it better than the pilot. It's grosser than "The X-Files," but otherwise similar. In this episode, someone's eyeball was taken out, and that always squicks me. Yuck, eyeballs.

Tomorrow: wash my hair, see Caruso, stop by the library on the way to see Caruso, wrap presents, do Dreamweaver homework, listen to the lost chapters of Cat's Eye and figure out what happened to the main character between the ages of 10 and 12, etc. Shannon will be gone in the evening, so I will be entertaining myself. I predict Criminal Minds and crossword puzzles.