December 12th, 2009


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Rain today. Shannon left for Endgame about half an hour before I left for Lisa's, and when I went to leave I realized he had taken our small umbrella with him, which only makes sense, since he was on a bike and needed something he could stow in his backpack. I don't like the bigger umbrella (the one that doesn't collapse), so I decided I would just put my hood up and brave the rain without any umbrella at all.

Of course, when I made this change of plan I sorta forgot to go back inside and change into my raincoat. So I left wearing my wool winter coat. Wool, of course, is water resistant, but not waterproof. I was a very soggy woman when I arrived at Lisa's 2 miles later.

But I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West, and I don't melt when I get wet, so I wasn't much bothered. Well, my jeans were soaked through, and that's always a bit uncomfortable, but I soon forgot about it.

Then Lisa and I went to Saul's for brunch, and I had an omelette with brussels sprouts and feta cheese, accompanied by wheat toast and a fruit salad. Wow ... painfully healthy. But delicious. I love brussels sprouts. I can see why some people don't like them, but I do.

Then we went to her house and played some very enjoyable Dominion (which she won) and she showed me the massive gift basket her employers had given her for Christmas: fancy chocolates, crackers, honey, chutney, kahlua, olive oil, cookies (those German Christmas cookies with the powdered sugar on them ... I can't remember what they're called ... all I can think of is Farfegnugen, which proves that some advertising works). I was very impressed. Lisa is an extraordinarily good computer programmer, and her employers adore her. She rocks.

Then we watched some tv (His and Hers Circumstances and Babylon 5) and talked (we both think Delenn is a tramp) and she loaned me a purple collapsible umbrella for my walk home.

Of course it didn't rain on my walk home. I can't remember who, but one of my old friends used to say that s/he brought along an umbrella as insurance: if s/he had an umbrella, it wouldn't rain. I always think of that when I'm getting drenched because I forgot to bring an umbrella.

When Shannon got home we went to buy groceries, as always, and all our favorite Andronico's staff were there, including Fingerless Gloves Man, Excellent Bagger, Bicycle Man, etc.. We saw Conspiracy Man, but we weren't in his line, so we engaged in no conversation about aliens or politics. Instead, we were in the older black guy's line ... and when he was bagging he somehow missed the salad I was planning to have for dinner. We got home, unpacked all our bags, and realized that my salad wasn't there. Shannon offered to walk with me back to the store to get it, but I just wanted to take it easy, so I had pasta instead. No veggies for me.

Over dinner, we watched the final episode of SGA, and I was a bit ticked that they didn't show what happened to Todd. Todd was my favorite character. Well, Todd and Ronin.

Shannon doesn't want to go Christmas shopping tomorrow, so I may go on my own to shop for him and my mom. I'm considering giving my brother a subscription to Playboy, because I did that once several years ago and he didn't really say anything, but when the next Christmas rolled around and I didn't renew the subscription, he was very obviously disappointed. So I guess it was a success.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. Just rain all night, so we don't go into a drought, then let up in the morning. Lather, rinse, repeat, and the plants will get what they want and I will get what I want and we'll all be happy.