December 9th, 2009

me blue hair

A sadly flip-flopless day -- brr!


watched an episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles" in which Facebook played a role in the plot. I felt a bit embarrassed that I'm involved with something so trendy, but that's probably just Shannon rubbing off on me. He loathes Facebook. (And Twitter and Friendster and etc.) On the other hand, Shannon points out that iPhones appear in all kinds of tv shows these days, though they never show the brand. So trendy isn't all bad.

walked up to the library to browse their DVD collection. Lots of good non-fiction stuff, but the fiction stuff (movies and tv shows) seems in high demand. There are long waits for some things (like "The Wire," which I feel no need to see again anyway, though it was most excellent) and the shelves are not very exciting. If you're looking for old movies, though, you might get lucky. I checked out a copy of The Birds, which I've never seen. I'm a bit of a Hitchcock fan (I especially love Spellbound, Rear Window, and To Catch a Thief) and I've heard a lot about The Birds (I think it was Shannon's sister who told me she didn't like birds because of that movie), but I haven't seen it. I plan to enjoy it tomorrow.

also picked up the audio version of Robertson Davies' World of Wonders while at the library. I've read it before, but I was having trouble finding anything interesting at the library, since a great many of their audiobooks are lost or damaged, and I remember loving it the first time around, so I figured it might be fun to listen to. I'm nearing the end of The Chronicles of Narnia, so I will need something else soon.

did a bunch of website stuff, both working on homework projects for my Dreamweaver class and messing around in Photoshop with the new layout for my own site. I've been experiencing great self-doubt, as has been the case with all creative endeavors in the last few years. I pull something together in Photoshop, then decide I hate it, then start all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I keep trying. And I feel like much of the point is the trying.

the weather has taken a turn for the brrrrs. I mean, it's still California, and we still live just a few miles from the bay that keeps our weather mild year-round, but brrrr. I can't just go around the house in my jeans and t-shirt ... today I actually had to wear a sweatshirt and socks! Socks, I tell you! No going barefoot for me. I may have to retire my flip-flops for a couple months or risk freezing my toes. Well, not really freezing, because it rarely gets below freezing here, but you know what I mean. (And in fact it did snow this week in the hills not far away.)

Tomorrow: The Birds, peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch, more website stuff, and my Dreamweaver class. Looking forward to it