December 2nd, 2009

me blue hair


I'm going to get an 8GB, 5th generation, green iPod Nano for a combined Christmas/birthday (birthday #40, no less!) gift from Shannon. I'm very excited. I was really torn about whether I wanted to get a Nano, because I would love to have the screen, but I really like that my Shuffle can just clip onto my belt/waistband. I investigated and found that you can buy cases for the Nano that allow you to clip it onto your waist, so I no longer have a tough decision to make!

Yay! Nano! Green! Screen!
me blue hair

And how are you today?


switched to my traditional winter-but-not-only-Christmas icon in my LJ. Polar bear!

washed my hair while listening to the second chapter of The Silver Chair. I'm glad Eustace is back, though he seems to be reverting to his annoyingness of the beginning of Dawn Treader. That's okay. I kinda like a snippy Eustace.

had a cancer-having cat leap into my lap while I was doing a crossword puzzle on my computer. Cobweb has become much more affectionate in the last couple years. She never would have jumped on my lap when she was younger.

finished off the Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and all but one serving of stuffing. It was left to me because Shannon wouldn't eat the mashed potatoes without gravy (and we used up the last of the gravy a couple days ago), but I too have my limits and won't eat stuffing without mashed potatoes, so the last of the stuffing will probably get thrown out. There's still turkey for sandwiches, and one serving of green beans. Mmmm ... green beans.

talked with a building contractor about renovating our garage. His name is Chris, and I liked him quite a bit. He seemed to understand what I was talking about better than the other contractors did, such as "doors that are pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly" and "somewhere to lock our bikes inside for better security." The others didn't seem to get the whole "garage for non-drivers" concept. He said he'll get back to me with a quote next week.

paid the mortgage. Writing such big checks makes me feel like a grown-up. When I was in college, I couldn't really grasp the meaning of the amounts I paid in fees. Most of it was in financial aid, anyway. But now, since we became home owners, money is very real to me.

picked up Cobweb's medication refill. I'm very impressed that our vet's office always spells our last name correctly. Always. This is very rare. Everyone misspells our name. Even my mom misspells it upon occasion.

Now I'm going to give myself a nice walk southside, listening to The Silver Chair, to buy myself some more orange juice at Walgreens. I drink a lot of orange juice. I mean a lot. Imagine a lot of orange juice, then double the amount you're thinking of, and you may be close to the truth.

Then tonight Shannon is gone to Endgame, so I will be home alone. I plan to transfer some files from my old computer, watch some tv, do some paperwork for Cobweb's health insurance, and -- as always -- check LJ every hour or two to see what y'all are up to. So ... what are you up to?