November 24th, 2009


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Washed my hair this morning while listening to the final chapter of Prince Caspian. It was all right, but I thought the ending was awkward. There was a big sword fight, then we cut away to see what Aslan and the girls are doing, and then the fight is over. Buh? In the afternoon I started The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I'm liking that better. It has this one very annoying little boy in it who I just adore. It's funny to see a whiny ordinary kid in Narnia, bitching about the lack of bathrooms and the talking mice. Hee.

In the afternoon I walked down to Trader Joe's to get cat food ... but they were out of Cobweb's favorite giblets! Oh no! No giblets! I got her some fishy food instead, but only got one week's worth. In a few days I'll go back to Trader Joe's and see if they've restocked.

On my way home from Trader Joe's I started feeling very sick. After the holiday is over, I should call my doctor's office again. Apparently all my tests came back normal, so I fear they will want to do something more invasive next. Argh.

Tomorrow my sister-in-law Melody (and I assume her live-in boyfriend Jared) is coming up (from San Jose) to visit us for a bit of pre-Thanksgiving family time. It's always nice to see her. It seems strange that when I first met her she was just a little girl. It makes me feel old. We are going to get lunch and maybe do some hiking in Tilden Park. Yay!