September 25th, 2009

both cats

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Took Cobweb to the vet today to find out if there was anything they could do to make her more comfortable. They gave us some medication to try, but she's still vomiting and looking really uncomfortable. We don't want to be hasty, but we're figuring if she isn't better in the morning we should take her to be put to sleep. We're both somewhat traumatized by the whole situation. I hate to see her unhappy, but I don't want to rush off and kill her because she had a bad day, either.

My poor cat.

I will miss how she always likes to lie down with her head resting on something, as if it were a pillow, how she always scratches at the kitchen floor to try to bury the remaining food when she's done eating, how she meows hello whenever you say her name, how she reads my mind and jumps off the couch when I say, "Okay Cobweb," when I want to sit down and she's in my spot, how she loves to curl up in the cat carrier if it's left out for her, how she has all her favorite spots in the house (cat bed under the cat tree, box beside the fireplace, papasan chair in my office, chair in Shannon's office, etc.), how she quickly steals treats from the other two cats if we don't prevent her, how she is so smart and knows all the rules and rarely jumps where she isn't allowed, how she loves tomato sauce and once rubbed lettuce all over her head when some fell on the floor, how she will jump up to sleep with me on the couch in the evenings, how she will knead my stomach for ages (though she was for quite some time too dignified to ever admit to kneading). She's always been my favorite cat, and I have felt honored whenever she chose to spend time with me. I'm sad that right now she seems to want to be left alone, because if I could have her in my lap all day long I would.