September 11th, 2009

both cats

Cobweb: not good news

So. Okay. News.

Today we took Cobweb to the vet's office to be weighed. We've been giving her medication for the past month, and the vet had told us that if she gained weight on the meds then the problem was probably irritable bowel disease, and if she didn't gain weight on the medication then the problem was probably intestinal cancer.

Well, she weighs .6 lbs less than she did a month ago. In the past 2 years she has gone from 14 lbs to 9, and if this past month is any indication the rate at which she is losing weight has accelerated.

So. My cat, my favorite, very dear cat, my smart, beloved Cobweb who likes to bury things and loves to sit in cardboard boxes probably has intestinal cancer. I will be phoning the vet on Monday (she wasn't in today) to ask about our options, but I'm preparing myself to lose my cat in the next few months.