August 30th, 2009


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A relatively uneventful Sunday. Got groceries (always one of my favorite parts of the week), including high-pulp orange juice (another favorite). We usually get groceries on Saturday evening, but occasionally that doesn't work and we go on Sunday morning instead, like this week. This is always exciting, because Andronico's has food samples out on Sunday mornings. So today I got to sample excellent watermelon, oat cookie, and brownie. I went back for a second bit of brownie. Yum!

Then we came home and had lunch while watching "Mad Men" before doing some more house cleaning in preparation for the appraisal guy coming over at 1 p.m. The appraisal guy came over, walked all over, took lots of measurements, took some pictures, and left.

The rest of the day has been pretty quiet. We ran some errands, stopped in a couple bookstores, stopped by the library, watched some "Project Runway," etc. And I've been doing crossword puzzles Andrew gave me. How many times can one possibly fit in "oleo," "aloe," "Esau," and "Iowa"? It seems like they're in every puzzle.

So, anyway, a nice day. The highlight? Brownie bites at the grocery store ... though having the house a bit tidied up and cleaned is a very close second.