March 22nd, 2009

Shannon and me

Dinner with the outlaws

Shannon's mom and step-dad came up to visit today, along with Shannon's two brothers and one brother's fiancee. They took us out to dinner for our birthdays, but I'm afraid I was pretty quiet. A group of 7 pretty much overwhelms me. It was nice to see Bev and Bob again, and Jason and Robby. I don't know Lisa very well, but she seems nice. She'll be my sister-in-law in June, so perhaps I will get to know her better as time goes on. I very much like Jason, her fiance, so I trust his judgment.

When they all departed, they left behind them 3/4 of a gigantic chocolate cake. Seriously. 6 people ate slices of this cake, and that barely left a dent. Much of it will go to waste, I'm afraid. I just can't eat that much cake. I was planning on buying a small lemon cake for my birthday (family tradition requires eating cake for breakfast on the day after your birthday), but I dare say I will be tired of cake by then.

I'm kind of tired of it now. Man, that was a big slice of cake.
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