May 25th, 2008

Waterhouse: Adonis

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Friday went to Ross and Target with Lisa and bought some clothes, including a long green dress that is very flattering. (I never would have tried it on, because it is a size Small, but Lisa picked it out for me and said it was worth trying.) Even found a one-piece bathing suit, which was excellent. I hate bathing suit shopping. Unfortunately, I at some point got rid of my old bathing suit, and the only ones I have now (before Friday, I mean) are several sizes too big.

Had brunch and Buffy with Lisa as usual on Saturday. And I got a slice of coconut cake from Saul's, which was perhaps equally excellent to finding a bathing suit.

Today Shannon wanted to walk up to Taco Bell (about 1.5 miles away), so we did that. Then I had a 45-minute phone conversation with my brother. Then I read Assassin's Apprentice with Lucy on my lap for a couple of hours. She's sure turning out to be a sweet cat ... when she isn't tormenting her sisters.

Then tonight we went out to see Indiana Jones, which we both enjoyed. I think I would rank it third out of the four Indy movies.
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