June 8th, 2007

both cats

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I don't remember if I wrote about this yet, but UC Press has offered me a proofreading project in July. Yay!

Tomorrow we're going kitten shopping. Right now we have two cats -- Cobweb and Munchkin -- but I think our house is big enough to support another kitty. We were talking about getting two kittens, so that they could play together, but I think four cats might be a bit much. I'm open-minded, though, if we happen to fall in love with two tomorrow. We're going to the mobile adoption unit of a local animal rescue organization, Hopalong Rescue, which is where I got Cobweb and Munchkin 12 years ago. So if all goes well, one might expect there to be a lot of kitten pictures coming soon to this journal.

Cobweb is so going to freak.
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