May 21st, 2007


Still in Nebraska

I'm once again on the computer in the Sargent, NE, public library. The last week has been hectic and stressful, but it seems to be all wound down now. There are some things that still need doing, but not many, and some of them need doing by someone other than me (which is stressful, because then I can't make sure those things get done).

The funeral went well, and my dad's ashes are now buried in Rock Island National Cemetery. A lot of family was there, as well as some of his childhood friends and such. He was buried near where he lived as a small kid, so none of his friends from Sargent came. (It's a 9-10-hour drive from Sargent, all the way out in Illinois. We spent all day Thursday driving, attended the funeral on Friday, and then spent all day Saturday driving back.) We had a small memorial service on Wednesday here in Sargent for Dad's local friends, and that went well, too.

I don't know what I would have done without my dad's friends Ken and Donna. They took care of him for his final two months, and they've stood by me through everything that's gone on since he died, helping me every way they can. Without them, I probably would have begged Shannon to come, despite how much he hates traveling. I've missed Shannon terribly while I've been out here, but I've spoken to him on the phone almost every day.

I haven't read my friends list in about 10 days, so if anything exciting has happened in your life, let me know.

Tomorrow I go home. (Huzzah!) I'm scheduled to arrive at SFO at 6:13pm, and I'm counting the minutes.
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