May 1st, 2007


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Talked to my dad this morning. He said that he hasn't been feeling up to doing much of anything, which doesn't surprise me at this point. Two of his friends have been taking care of him for the past month, plus he's had hospice nurses coming by, so he's getting a lot of care. His friends, Kenny and Donna, will be going home soon, probably just in time for my visit. I don't know how much care my dad needs, but I'll bet I'll be in the position of providing that care while I'm there. It makes me very anxious, because I don't even know how to cook, let alone anything else. I've never had to take care of someone else before, more than heating up soup and buying Kleenex for somebody who had the flu.

*fret fret fret*
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Started my proofreading project today, and it's going slowly. The letter says they expect the project to take a max of 10 hours, and that I should tell them if it's going to take longer than that (so that they can decide whether I should continue or not). My sample today says it's going to take me longer than that, but I hate to be a problem. I'm going to see how things go tomorrow and hope that I speed up. After a couple of hours I should have a better idea.

Watched "Veronica Mars" tonight and loved the episode. I've always been a sucker for the Logan/Veronica thing, and so the tension there made me happy. Ironically, I was also happy with the Piz kissing, because I like Piz. I look forward to more Logan/Veronica tension next week, though I expect it to be resolved relatively quickly. Personally, I would like to see Logan and Veronica back together, but I doubt that's where things are going. I'm just glad that the writers didn't pretend that everything was just suddenly over -- presto! friends! -- with no period of lingering weirdness.

Attended my copyediting class, and we talked about punctuation. I find it an easy topic, so I enjoyed the discussion. I did, however, have the university-reminiscent experience of sitting there and thinking, "Boy, these people ask stupid questions." I have trouble with a lot of the other stuff we do there, though, so I try not to judge too much.