January 20th, 2007


Chicken Stew (and Vegetarianism)

Bought ingredients today for a chicken stew I'm making and was horrified at the cost of meat. Do people really buy this stuff every day without howling in pain? My eyes bugged out when I saw the price tag. No wonder I always used to cook vegetarian! That's difficult now, with all of Shannon's food constraints (no beans and no dairy, in particular, make vegetarian cooking difficult), so meat it is.

(I was vegetarian when I met Shannon and for the first year or so that we were together. I don't remember how I managed to eat vegetarian back then. Maybe he didn't have the food sensitivities at the time. I still have the same ethical objections to eating meat, so I've often wished that I could go back to being a vegetarian and see if I still had the meat cravings I had last time -- which was why I stopped -- but being vegetarian would be difficult with Shannon, unless I cooked just for myself and let him eat frozen dinners, which wouldn't seem right.)

The recipe I'm making should provide enough for 6-8 servings, but it'll probably still be more expensive than frozen dinners. Healthier, though. A lot healthier. Fresher, low sodium, etc.

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I'm going to do all the prep work tonight, so that I can just toss it all into the Crock-Pot in the morning before I leave for the city.