January 19th, 2005

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Gender Issues iMix

While working on a list of songs to make a "gender issues" mix CD for chantal87, I decided to make an iMix (a themed song listing at the iTunes Music Store) focused on gender issues. Not just the liberal perspective, but also some bits of the conservative perspective, both serious and humorous, both old and recent, all different genres, stuff I like and stuff I don't particular like (and which I don't actually own) but which is still on-topic. In some cases, the relation to gender might even seem tenuous, because I chose the song because I thought it typified a stereotype or traditional cultural expectation.

It's sort of random and obviously incomplete, but I thought some folks might be interested in the list I came up with. The iMix that shows up on iTunes only includes, of course, those songs that are available on iTunes. This complete list, however, includes various songs I own but which aren't available through their store. This list is also, of course, muuuuuuuuch longer than the list of songs I'll actually be sending to chantal87 (especially since I don't own a lot of these songs).

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And for my icon on this post, I present the androgynous Mr. Taylor Hanson. :)
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