October 29th, 2004

ha! (Donnie Darko)

Online Video Recommendations

A journal entry consisting entirely of video recommendations.

First, a serious recommendation. Though you've probably already seen it, I thought I'd post a pointer to Eminem's anti-Bush video. If you haven't seen it already, and even if you don't like rap, you should definitely check out Eminem's Mosh.

But now we move into the realm of the decidedly less serious (which is sort of necessary for me, personally, in these stressful days leading to the election) as I recommend a bit of hypnotically bizarre insanity called We Like the Moon, which simply cannot be described except ... perhaps ... as a rather stream-of-consciousness exploration of the concept of the moon and its relationship to the human species. And cheese. And zeppelins. And vegetables. My friends webmacher and Leslie introduced this to me, shocked that I'd never seen it, because they apparently know the entire song by heart and sing it frequently. I find myself questioning their sanity.

If you've ever liked Bronski Beat (or 80s music in general), you must check out Hit That Perfect Meatball. (webmacher introduced me to this one, as well.)

If you have a sense of humor about Beatles music, you must also check out She's Got a Chicken to Ride (and make sure to wait until the "my baby" part)

I also, despite my lack of interest in opera, was amused by Pavarotti Loves Elephants.

I am easily amused.

But I've also watched Eminem's video more than once. I actually find myself having a bit more interest in him now.