December 18th, 2003


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It's been a vaguely pleasant day ... nothing particularly great, nothing particularly bad. My shower did in fact wake me up considerably, and so I've been contentedly puttering around since then.

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Shannon and I played our new Carcassonne game ("Ark of the Covenant") for the fourth time this evening ... and I lost for the fourth time. This time I only lost by 6 points, but, still, it's a bit discouraging. When I lost for the third time, yesterday, Shannon went and got a penny and kept flipping it and asking me, "Heads or tails?" Being a Tom Stoppard fan, I said "Heads" each time. The first three times, the coin landed on tails, so Shannon kept mocking my discouragement at losing the game three times in a row, since it could just be chance. Hrmph.

Anyway, Ark of the Covenant is described in its advertisement materials as being aimed at a religious market, but I think that's ridiculous. There's nothing overtly religious in the game, and the thematic elements seem more historically- and culturally-based than religious (it's definitely focused on a desert environment). The game play is -- surprisingly -- even more fun than either of the other un-supplemented Carcassonnes we've played (though I think I most enjoy the original Carcassonne with all of its supplements).

After Ark of the Covenant, we played ZooSim again, and I won. My dignity is restored. I guess I'm just no good at those religious games. Heh.

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Does anybody know of a method by which Macintosh users can listen to LiveJournal phone posts? I've gotten the impression that we're simply SOL, but I could be wrong.

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Can someone please remove me from the Viagra and penis-enlargement spam mailing lists? Sheesh! I keep humming the Monty Python Spam song to myself.
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